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Tracy Letts is an actor, screenwriter, and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. If that’s not enough, he also performs from time to time with TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi. Thanks to David Razowsky for sharing this awesomeness!

Check out this amazing 45-minute interview with Jason Chin and David Pasquesi. Love watching David’s thought process as he answers everything from his approach to improv to his favourite curse word.

“His ‘Yes’ is so strong, he doesn’t need an ‘And.'” I heard somebody say that, and I was thinking, “Well that’s terrible.” – David Pasquesi

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We were hoping Second City would release this one day! It’s the “Maya” sketch from their 50th anniversary, featuring Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and David Razowsky.

Now if someone would just post the full video of Pinata Full of Bees

Image © Comedy On Tape

Image © Comedy On Tape

If you live in Toronto, you may think you’re all laughed out from Mayor Rob Ford’s latest hijinks.

But if there’s one thing we Canucks excel at (and believe it or not, there are things besides smoking crack), it’s comedy.

That’s why improviser/KD heartthrob/friend of the blog, Devon Hyland, has launched a new thing called Comedy On Tape. It’s a live and online showcase of Toronto’s top-of-the-pops improv, sketch and stand-up.

Carefully curated by Hyland, the show features CCA winners, CBC writers, JFL veterans, and other super-funny folks not associated with acronyms.

The next show is Wednesday, November 13 at The Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Avenue, and the line-up includes improv superstars RN & Cawls, Falcon Powder, Chad Mallett, and many others.

Doors open at 7 pm, and admission is $10.

Image © Comedy On Tape

Image © Comedy On Tape

Ah, the follow-up album.

How do you top a really fun day spent goofing around with friends? We couldn’t. So we spent a day with some more cool friends, making each other laugh. (Special shout out to Chris Besler for his tireless work on the edit.)

This is for everyone who said, “Where was the…(fill in the blank)?” To see the original video, click here.

A lot of crazy stuff happens on stage. But what happens when improvisers go home?

That’s the premise Chris Besler, one of my teammates on Corgi In The Forest, threw out in rehearsal one day. “I’ve always wanted to make a video about bad object work,” he said. My eyes lit up. “We are gonna shoot that video!”

And we did. All in one day, with the help of a crazy-talented bunch of friends. Stay tuned for the sequel. And to learn more about Mime/Object Work in improv, click here.

Update: When Chris posted the video Wednesday morning, we had no idea it’d be on Jimmy Fallon’s tumblr by that evening. Woot! Thanks to everyone who watched, Liked, shared and tweeted.

Image © Late Night With Jimmy Fallon