Once again we’ve dug into the archives to bring you our most popular posts to date. Crack open an imaginary beer and enjoy.

Image © Chris Besler/People & Chairs

How-To Posts

How To Write A Kickass Performer Bio

How To Succeed At Anything by Being Yourself

Eight Ways To Be Good With The Improv

How Colbert Got Over Embarrassment (And So Can You!)

Audition Tips From The Other Side Of The Table

Harold & Long-Form 

Openings: The Good, The Bad & The Funny

Somebody Edit This, Please

Enjoy The Silence: Improvising Without Dialogue Part One and Part Two

On Coaches, Chemistry, And Finding Your Dream Team

How I Lost Interest In Game Of The Scene And Found Something Way More Fun

Great Guest Posts

12 Tips For Festival Organizers by Amy Shostak

12 Tips For Improvisers Attending Comedy Festivals by Matt Folliott

7 Tips For Surviving An Improv Jam by Laura Bailey

Now’s The Time To Know The New by David Razowsky

How Not To Get Sued (A Guide for Canadian Comedians) by Rob Norman

Fun Stuff

Improv Explained In Venn Diagrams

What’s Your Improv Persona?

When Improvisers Date

Web Series: Inside The Master Class

Video: How To Spot An Improviser


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