Guy: So what’s your team called again?

Girl: Cat Deeley’s Pajamas. We’re an all-lesbian team.

Guy: Awesome. Wait…so…are you…?

Girl: No. I just have short hair, and the Artistic Director assumed.

Guy: Cool, cool. We have a team like that at our place. It’s an all-black team.

Girl: Really? Are they good?

Guy: Oh, he’s amazing.

Waiter: Welcome to Denny’s.

(pours water, leaves)

Girl: What about your team, Lannister…?

Guy: Calrissian. It’s me and three other guys. We do like a Deconstruction-style Game of Thrones thing, with a bit of Sit, Stand, Bend.

Girl: Sounds fun. Have you been together long?

Guy: A couple months. To be honest, I’m really kinda over this town. I’m thinking of moving to New York or LA. Maybe Winnipeg. I don’t wanna get pigeonholed.

Girl: I love your Boba Fett shirt, by the way.

Guy: Thanks.

Girl: I like that it’s spelled “F-e-t-e” and he’s having a party.

Guy: Got it at ComiCon. The guy who voiced Jar Jar Binks signed it, even though I asked him not to.

Girl: Uh, did you just check us in on Foursquare?

Guy: Yeah, why?

Girl: I sorta skipped rehearsal to be here. Told them I was sick.

Waiter: All righty, more water! Will there be anything else, or just the bill?

Girl: Could we get some menus?

Waiter: Right. Fuck. Sorry. Hey…are you on Lannister Calrissian?

Guy: Sure am. I’m Jeremy.

Waiter: Nick. I do improv too! Me and three other guys have an all-Mediterranean team, Freaks’n’Greeks. We do a kind of lights-on Bat with a bit of Sit, Stand, Bend.

Girl: Sounds fun.

Waiter: You should come. We’re opening for The Romeo Academy.

Guy: That’s crazy, I was just talking about him.

Waiter: Yeah, dude’s awesome. He’s black, you know.

Guy: I know…though I’d be friends with him even if he wasn’t!

Waiter: Great Boba Fett shirt, by the way. ComiCon ’08?

Guy: ’09.

Girl: I wish I had a burger right now.

Guy: And I wish I was a lion tamer.

Waiter: Zing! Monty Python’s Vocational Guidance Counsellor sketch.

(the guys laugh, high five)

Guy: We should get together sometime.

Waiter: I just added you on Facebook.

Guy: And I checked you in on Foursquare.

(they do a complicated bro shake)

Girl: Um, I guess I’ll just…

Guy: Yeah, you do that.




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