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If there’s one thing improvisers love to do, it’s play.

So when Cameron got himself fired from advertising, he started a group called Funemployed.

It’s a community of fun people with the time and dedication to having fun – be they actors/improvisers, writers, artists, chefs, computer geeks, or just folks between jobs.

Since more and more people now have jobs with flexible hours, Cameron wanted to create a way for people to connect and spend their time joyfully, instead of being isolated. Anyone can post an idea or event for the group, and others will join in.

So far events have included softball, frisbee, free Improv for Anxiety drop-in classes, bowling, board games, and even trampoline dodgeball.

There are other “Funemployed” groups on facebook, including a web series and a few for job networking or finding your purpose. That’s cool, too, but the Toronto group is purely a fun-based initiative.

You can join the facebook group here. And if you’re not in Toronto, why not start your own chapter?


Photo © Jameson Kraemer

Photo © Jameson Kraemer