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Big laughs; small moments; when you come in with a serious character but can’t help but smile when you look at your scene partner… There are so many reasons we heart improv.

When you both say the same first word during Mind Meld.

Doing organic openings in an alley while passersby stare in amazement.

When you keep your Noo Yawk accent, even though your scene partner’s is Bahston.

Struggling to find the opening in the curtain, so you just play the scene from behind it.

When the tech person makes you laugh.

Ruining a perfectly good scene because you wanted to use the God mic.

When “the quiet one” starts tearing it up on stage.

When you say or do something with your back to your scene partner, and afterward they say, “How did you know what I was doing?!”

Photo © BCIF

Photo © Jim Goad

When you finish putting the mimed coin in your pocket even though you’ve been swept, because it’s so real to you.

Playing the opposite sex, or a superhero, or a rhododendren with issues.

When you don’t remember what you said or did…you just know it felt awesome.

Leaving the stage still laughing and drenched in sweat.

Coming off stage to find the people in the green room clapping.

When you find out after a great set that your work friends came to see this one.

When your students come to your show.

Overhearing someone in the audience say “They wrote that in advance.”

Photo © BCIF

Photo © Jim Goad

When there’s three people in the audience and you fucking kill it.

Being surprised on the way out with “your cut of the door.”

When someone outside the community says, “I’ve seen you perform. You’re really funny.”

Performing at an out-of-town festival for the first time.

Getting past the border guards, then remembering the joint in your pocket.

Seeing DCM wristbands around NYC and feeling like you’re part of the club.

When your body forgets it was sick until after the show.

Making someone who never breaks corpse.

Photo © BCIF

Photo © BCIF

Thinking you blew the audition, then getting The Call.

Seeing your friends on the Main Stage.

Seeing your friends in commercials.

Seeing your friends in terrible commercials and never letting them forget.

When you hang with your team and don’t talk improv.

Having so much fun coaching, you feel bad taking money.

Watching TJ and Dave perform.

Discovering that the coolest, smartest, most talented improvisers are also the kindest, humblest, and most generous.

Getting to perform with your comedy heroes, and making them laugh.

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Photo © Raw Photography