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A very talented director told me recently how he lost a job to another very talented director.

“I imagined the creative team throwing my treatment in the air, then high-fiving each other in slow mo. This is the music that’d be playing.”

He held up his iPhone and the trippy, hypnotic sound of Love On A Real Train filled the air.

My art director and I laughed out loud, and I started imagining all kinds of other silent, slow-mo scenarios to go with that music.

When you slow things down – I mean really slow – you don’t have to try to be funny.

Just last week I saw an amazing slow motion, silent scene at Comedy Bar.

Standards and Practices were doing the short-form game “One-Minute Movie,” and the audience suggestion was Inception.

When the lights came up, Cameron was spinning alone in the centre of the stage, Isaac just kept saying “Bonnnnnnnnnnng…Bonnnnnnnnnnng…Bonnnnnnnnnng…” into the mic, and the brilliant Mark Andrada added a slow-mo strobing effect on lights.

At the one minute-mark, Cameron swayed ever so slightly, like DiCaprio’s spinning totem, and Mark cut to black.

It was a jewel of a scene in a night of hilarious stuff.

It got me thinking how fun it would be to create a soundtrack just for slow-mo scene work in rehearsals.

The repetitive, acid rock opening of The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again. Scott Walker’s weird and wonderful Montague Terrace in Blue. David Bowie’s Cat People. Radiohead’s Subterranean Homesick Alien. Jay-Z’s 99 Problems.

What would be on your slow-mo playlist?