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One year ago today was my final day working at my dream job. I left without having anything lined up. For 13 years my role within that company defined who I was. It became time for me to define who I am on my own.

This year has been a challenge. Notable highs and lows. I definitely made more money for charities through fundraisers I produced than I did for my own bank account. Yet somehow, a couple of weeks ago I found myself at a dinner party with great friends popping a beautiful bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne. It was a thank you gift from Roxy Bar last year.

I kept waiting for the perfect moment to pop it. Who should be in the room? When should I do it? Should I organize an event around it (guys – it’s a $300 bottle, it’s a BIG deal). Then finally I realized what I realized when I was reluctant to accept that it was time to leave Second City. “What am I waiting for?!”

Now is the time to celebrate. The current moment that you are in. Always. Even if it’s a shitty one, because something can always be learned from it.

Of course there are thoughts that have entered my head that I haven’t done enough, I’m not where I want to be, I need to be making more money. Then I look around at my INCREDIBLE friends, family, and of course Mat, sip a sip of champagne and say to myself, “Nah, I got this.”

Erin Conway is the Executive Director for Big City Improv Festival. Other ongoing projects include Comedy Trumps Hatewhich has raised $11,000 for Planned Parenthood (follow @comedytrumpsh8), and The Diva Cup Fundraiser for the 519 Community Centre (on Instagram @Divacupdragshow).