Photo © People and Chairs

Photo © People and Chairs

Top row, from left:

1. Improvise (inscribed “Fuck it! – Mick Napier”)

2. Burrito, the Official Food of Improvisers

3. Christmas gift (came with Portlandia DVD)

4. Because sometimes a photo booth is more fun than an iPhone

5. Kinder Egg Franken-toy made from two figurines

6. Nug Nahrgang’s Instagram feed

7. High-end U-lock key for piece-of-crap bike

8. Profits from show (split three ways)

2nd row:

9. Business card – Bam!

10. USB with Piñata Full of Bees

11. DIY guitar pick

12. Gum (for post-burrito green room politeness)

13. Old timey postcard for sending message from the past

14. Emergency toothpicks/Christmas gift igniter

15. Jetstream rollerball

3rd row:

16. Best. Show. Ever.

17. DCM wristband

18. Hipster room key

19. Master Class notes

Bottom row:

20. Koosh ball

21. Lucky dollar bill from CIF

22. Deodorant (for rehearsals)


What’s in yours?



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  1. May 21, 2014

    Love your knapsack idea! And the title of this blog. Do you know about the book IMPROV WISDOM? It’s not mainly about performance but about how improv is also a life strategy. You might enjoy it. Best wishes

    • May 21, 2014

      Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by. We have indeed read your book, and have given copies as gifts. As one of our oldest comedy friends says, “Improv lessons are life lessons.”

      • patriciaryanmadson #
        May 22, 2014

        Oh WONDERFUL. I am honored that you’ve given the book as a gift. Happy to be on your radar. Looks like you are doing great things. I borrowed your Vedic quote for Facebook. Thanks.

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