We’ve been waiting months for this, and what a joy to hear these two giants of improv talk!

David Razowsky and Mick Napier talk about their early days in the Chicago improv scene, mentors, movies, and scenes they never wanna see again.

“Everyone digs in a graveyard [scene]. I always thought it was very funny that the universal association with being in a graveyard is that you’re gonna dig up a body.” – Mick Napier

For more bon mots from the always-passionate Razowsky and the almost preternaturally mellow Napier, check out the latest A.D.D. Podcast.



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  1. June 11, 2013

    Cool to hear people talking about Del is a less than reverential tone for once. Always good to hear multiple sides of people/history.

    • June 11, 2013

      Yes! I just noticed him in a small role in “The Untouchables” a few weeks ago, and wondered what it must have been like to work with him.

      From David and Mick’s description, he was as unpredictable as he was creative. I’m glad that, while they’re both “no B.S.” instructors, they are also as supportive of students as they are.

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