This morning we wrote a post about how Gilda’s Club was changing its name to the generic “Cancer Support Community.”

A lot of people were upset by the news: cancer survivors and their family members, Gilda fans, and Second City alumni among them.

Josh Bowman decided to do something about it, so he created a petition (now closed) to keep the name Gilda’s Club. At the time, he (and we) believed that the name was being phased out, based on various news reports.

Thanks to the petition, the story got huge coverage in both social and traditional media.

Josh contacted the Cancer Support Community, and after speaking with an executive, he’s written a post to set the record straight. You can read the full story here.

The great news is, Gilda’s name is here to stay. The person Josh spoke to assured him they will:

• Correct the inaccuracy online that suggests that individual chapters of Gilda’s Club will be mandated to change their names. Individual chapters will keep the name “Gilda’s Club” unless a decision is made at chapter level to change it. Josh’s understanding is that no more names will be changed, particularly after today.

• Provide clarification as to why the Madison, WI chapter has changed their name. Josh will discuss this further with representatives from the Madison, WI chapter to work towards keeping Gilda in the name

• Keep Gilda in everything they do.

We’re thrilled to hear this – and to see the outpouring of love for a hilarious and brave lady. If you’d like to learn more, her bookIt’s Always Something, is a moving and inspiring read.



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  1. Michael Short #
    November 28, 2012

    Hey – it’s just four Wisconsin area organizations that are dropping the Gilda from their Gilda’s Club name. It’s not a nationwide thing. This post and the petition are inaccurate.

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