Deepak Chopra says “Run towards your fears.” It’s great advice (although I still haven’t figured out how to do it with my fear of traffic).

Deepak would no doubt give a big thumbs up to Todd Charron for his Follow Your Fear Day.

Todd started the project after taking a class on how to do a solo improv show. He was totally pscyhed and determined to do one…but somehow never did.

A couple of years passed, then one day he sat down and had a little talk with himself.

Note: The following conversation is a reconstruction. None of these things may have actually occurred, except in the writer’s head.

Todd’s Brain: I’m bored.

Todd’s Heart: Me too. You know what’d be fun? To do a solo improv show. Remember that cours–

Todd’s Brain: Let’s see what’s on OLN.

(clicks converter)

Todd’s Heart: Did you hear me? I said I wanna do a s–

Todd’s Brain: Shut yer pie hole! I’m trying to watch this Grey Power commercial.

Todd’s Heart: (mutters) You mean you’re afraid.

Todd’s Brain: WHAT did you say?

Todd’s Heart: Nothin’

Todd’s Brain: No, no. You said something, Heart. Mister Passionate. Mister “I wanna follow my dreams!” Mister All Talk And No Action.


Todd’s Brain: HUH?


Todd’s Brain: Thought so.

(clicks converter)

Todd’s Brain: Fuck! Not Diners, Drive-ins And Dives again…

Todd’s Stomach: What’s wrong with Diners, Drive-ins And Dives?

Todd’s Brain: Shuddup!

Todd’s Heart: (quietly) Fuck you.

Todd’s Brain: What did you s–

Todd’s Heart: I said FUCK YOU. Fuck you, fear! Fuck you, Mister “What if I take a chance and fail?” Mister “I might not be a superstar the first time I do something, so I’m not even gonna try.” Mister I’m Afraid, So I’ll Act Like I Just Don’t Care.


Todd’s Heart: Truth hurts, huh? Well you know what hurts more? Burying your dreams under a pile of safe. I’m gonna do a solo improv show, I don’t care how terrified I get. No one ever died of being scared. Later, Brain.

(walks away)

Todd’s Brain: Kid’s got balls. (sighs) Wish I had balls.

Todd’s Stomach: (growl)

On June 15th, Todd will face his fears and perform an improvised one-man show at Unit 102 Theatre, directed by the amazing Carmine Lucarelli. Come watch, but even if you can’t, commit to facing a fear of your own.


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