A while back, Cameron showed me a poorly-made YouTube video of a homely woman singing, (if you could call her meandering attempt at melody “singing”).

“Yeah, so what?” I demanded.

Cameron just smiled and showed me another video: an auto-tuned version that made the woman’s warbling sound, if not Top Ten-worthy, then at least as good as any One Direction B-side.

The original song could have rotted in obscurity. Instead, a bunch of people built on that small kernel of creativity and made something unexpectedly wonderful.

When you walk on stage, it’s like that first Sunny D and Rum.

Sometimes it’s scary to put yourself out there. It’s tempting just to talk and talk and lay out the whole story before your scene partner even opens her mouth.

But how cool is it to do something – anything at all – and trust that your scene partners will notice, “yes and,” and create something amazing together?

As Del Close said:

“Don’t bring a cathedral into a scene. Bring a brick; let’s build together.” 

To watch the original Sunny D followed by the auto tune version, click below.

There are now countless different versions, including Sunny D and Rum: The Musical, a dubstep version, and our favourite, a beat box version:

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 10.05.42 PM



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